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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Microsoft Word 2016 Keeps Crashing

Once users upgrade to Microsoft Word 2016, they usually get an enormous shock once all of a fulminant MS Word crashes. We’ve got found some workarounds that have done the trick for several folks. Read on…

Scan installation Drive with ChkDsk

Microsoft workplace Word 2016 might need did not decrypt the document you’re making an attempt to open. This downside arises once the HD clusters are physically broken. The terribly start is to shut all applications and check your disk victimisation ChkDsk.
1. Double click This laptop icon on your Desktop.
2. Right click the drive containing Microsoft workplace installation files, usually C:\.
3. opt for Properties from the context menu.
4. Click the Tools tab, then Check button.
5. Click Scan Drive button in succeeding prompt.

Delete Recently put in Fonts

When you load Microsoft Word 2016, it retrieves an inventory of all fonts put in on your machine. Indecipherable fonts will crash Microsoft Word 2016. Get a close list of all put in fonts, and delete those recently put in either by yourself or by any third-party applications.

1. Press Windows Key + X; opt for board.
2. Click look and Personalization | Fonts.
3. Click the downward arrow named additional choices before the assistance icon on the upper-right corner.
4. Move the slider to Details possibility.
5. board window can reorganize the fonts in elaborate manner.
6. choose a recently put in font, then click the Delete button.

Download Minor Updates

At times, Microsoft releases minor updates to diagnose problems usually related to Microsoft workplace. In your case, the updates might need been disabled. Follow the steps given below so as to induce latest updates currently.
1. Click the File menu.
2. Click workplace Account.
3. Click the Update choices button below workplace Updates class.
4. Click the Update currently button.

Delete unsaved Documents

All unsaved documents are a part of documents recovery choices. Microsoft Word 2016 stores all unsaved documents in a very special directory in ASD format. It may, however, crash if it tries to load information from associate degree unsaved document that's corrupt.

1. Press Windows Key + R to open up the Run window.
2. sort AppData within the textbox, click OK.
3. Navigate to the subsequent directory: …\Local\Microsoft\Office\UnsavedFiles
4. Delete all ASD files.

Change User Profile Access Level

Change the account sort to Administrator whereas operating with documents hold on in folders that need body privileges. Here’s how:
1. Open the Run dialog. sort Netplwiz and press Enter.
2. The fresh opened User Accounts dialog allows you to feature, take away and tack the present user accounts.
3. Click the Users tab, opt for your current user profile then click the Properties button.
4. within the succeeding dialog, click the cluster Membership tab.
5. opt for the account access level to Administrator, then click OK.
6. Click OK once more.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Fix the Excel File Slow to Open Bug in Windows 10

This is one in every of the problems that has infested Maine since upgrading my systems to Windows ten, however owing to a busy travel schedule and alternative miscellaneous work things, I simply delayed excavation in to work out an answer. Last night I had had enough and spent an honest hour developing an answer.

The solution could be a straight forward one, however makes fully no sense. I chalk it up to AN errant bug Microsoft lost.

Main Problem

Running either Office 2013 or the most recent Microsoft Office 2016, once gap a Excel file from the filing system, it takes near twenty seconds for the file to open fully. It doesn’t matter if the file is sitting within the Cloud, on a network share, or maybe regionally – it simply takes forever to load, although the file contains no knowledge. To form matters additional confusing, if you open Excel initial (which opens quickly on its own) so open the file, the file opens blazingly quick. So, it'd appear that it’s AN Excel issue, right?

To more confound the wise, the problem doesn’t exist for everybody. And, that appears to eliminate AN Excel issue and place the blame squarely on Windows ten, or a minimum of a element of Windows ten. Why would the expertise dissent between Windows ten users?

I finally puzzled out why…

The Reason

I’ve nevertheless to work out why this can be, however if you switch on the “Hey, Cortana” voice command feature when putting in or upgrading to Windows ten, it bogs down Excel file execution. This issue solely exists for Excel and none of the opposite Office applications. Word, PowerPoint, etc., work simply fine.

Those that ne'er turned on “Hey, Cortana” (which is AN impressive feature, btw) haven't old this downside, thence why the problem exists for a few and not others.

The Fix

To fix the problem and speed up the gap of Excel files, you've got to show off the “Hey, Cortana” feature.
To do this:
1. Open Cortana and head to Settings.

Microsoft Excel 2016 Problem,MS Excel 2016 Problem,Excel 2016 Problem

2- find the Hey Cortana setting and switch it OFF.

Microsoft Excel 2016 Problem,MS Excel 2016 Problem,Excel 2016 Problem

3.Reboot the PC.

I’m positive Microsoft can fix this bug eventually; however a minimum of there’s a remedy – although you've got to show off a valuable and extremely touted feature of Windows ten.