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Monday, December 21, 2009

Computer Support

A computer support consultant is a seasoned consulting role which involves contract programming and system administration. Quite a tedious job, a computer support consultant is basically hired on a contract basis and usually the consultants are experts in computer administration and dealing.


The basic concept behind hiring computer consultants is to fit into the role of the expert and get services which are otherwise not found in the employees of the company. This skill of the consultant is hired by the companies to fill in the gap and ensure smoother functioning of the company.
The computer support consultants are required to train the employees in the company who have been hired on a permanent basis. The whole idea is to train the permanent employees in such a way that they will take over the services rendered by the consultant after the training process is over.
After the underlying issues are resolved by the computer consultant, the contract usually expires. The contract can be renewed if there are other areas or department in the company which have similar issues. Otherwise the consultant leaves the company.


While this whole process is also a learning curve experience for the computer support consultant, the consultant can earn more money in the process. The difference between a permanent employee and a consultant is that while the former has a job wherein years might be spend on a single project.
It is a reliable and less-demanding job as compared to a consultant's. Because the latter have contracts of up to 3 months or even lesser and will have to apply for jobs every few months. The chief criteria to be qualified as a computer support consultant are to possess good and specialized skills which qualify the person to be a hired giving expert advice to companies.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nokia Booklet 3G in Microsoft Operating Sytem

The Nokia Booklet 3G is here with a bang. It was released around the time when the Microsoft Operating System, Windows 7, was launched. The Nokia Netbook comes loaded with Windows 7 and this has been done deftly keeping in mind the release of Windows 7. It comes at a subsidized price, $299 with an added 2 year data plan from telecommunication giants, AT & T and has been made available at all Best Buy stores across the U.S.. This announcement from the Finnish phone maker comes with a relief for customers. When the product was first disclosed in September, it was priced at an astonishing $820. This was quite an exorbitant sum as Netbooks comes for less than $500 these days.
One can also notice that Nokia has a tie-up with AT&T for a two-year service agreement which gives more feasibility to the subsidized price. There are offers coming from Best Buy as well. It plans to come up with the unique 'Walk Out Working' scheme, which will enable the customer to get his product activated and working before he leaves the store. For anyone who purchases the Booklet 3G, sales associates will configure and activate the Netbook. Nokia has kept the screen size at 10.1-inch and its Netbook has almost all the features that are available on Netbooks. It has an Atom processor, a built-in GPS , a 12-hour battery life, an aluminum casing, 3G and Wi-Fi wireless capability and height and weight specifics of 1 inch and 2.5 pounds.
There are added features on the Netbook such as Nokia Music for PC and Nokia's Ovi Suite 2.0 which have been made quite proficient and compatible with the Microsoft Operating System as well. There is also an aggregator coming from the feeds from social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc. with its Ovi Maps and Social Hub application. Customers can also get the notebook without the option of opting for the two-year service agreement from AT&T. This option, however, comes for the an unsubsidized price of $599.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Computer Tech Support Issues

tech support
With new advancements in technology and computer tech support services are available for all computer related problems , users and customers have also become wiser and more aware. Before making a purchase for a new computer, everyone makes sure that they have set their eyes on a good computer tech support service which can provide good tech support as well.

This makes more sense when a user is on the look-out for computer systems which can serve businesses, since the machines will be the best tool for administrative needs. Choosing and selecting for the best tech support services is trciky and needs careful analysis before a user zeroes in on one. Most companies with tech support usually subscribe to a single product and there is always the chance of having to purchase an additional product when assistance is asked for. This makes the user bear some extra cost.

There is the need for good tech support services created by leading computer tech support individuals who are experts in the field. The experts should have good knowledge of what goes into many different types of computers and should have a thorough understanding of the way that all models of these computers will function. Technical glitches, irrespective of what computer you have, should be fixed quickly and efficiently by tech support specialists.

These experts should have complete understanding of the most complex of issues releated to computers in order to give you the computer tech support that a user or a customer will need. They should be referred to in order to find the best method to ensure that all technical issues are dealt with at the right time. When running a business, one cannot afford to have a computer which has been lying dormant for a long time.

Computers are vulnerable to technical glitches and so getting the right computer tech support to fix the issue without putting the computer into any further risk is very essential.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Outlook Express Email Account

email account
A host of email clients these days give out software and applications to enable a user to create an email account apart from the regular web-based browsers. These email clients are supported by a host of software companies. Prominent among them is Microsoft. The software gaints has been developing excellent email clients and still continuous to do so. Its latest offering is the Windows Live Mail.

The Outlook Express was the email client created before the present one, but it still goes down well with a lot of companies. A lot of companies still deploy the Outlook Express to carry out the functioning of their companies and to enable smooth and unparallelled communication among its employees. The Outlook Express also serves the same purpose like all email clients, to send and receive emails. Creating a personal or a business email account is simple in the Outlook Express and can be created with no issues. There are some things to keep in mind while creating the email account and if these steps are kept in mind, it should be a smooth ride.

Firstly, one will need to create an email account. An old email account will also do. Next go to Start and choose Outlook Express from All Programs and select Accounts. At this point, choose the "Mail" tab in the Internet Accounts window. Now click Add and then click Mail from the side menu. Next up, the user will have to enter a lot of information. Enter name in the Internet Connection wizard, email that one wishes to use and the sever information (contact ISP for information if unsure). Click Next as you endure all these three points. Finally, enter the email account name and password in the next window, this can also be accessed through the ISP or the control panel. Click Next for the final time and then on Finish.

With the completion of the last step and after the task following it, the Outlook Express email account has been created. Remember to follow the above manual with absolute accuracy and stick to the basics listed in it. A user should have no problem creating the email account for further use.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kaspersky Anti- Virus Support

antivirus support
Kaspersky Anti- Virus support, as the name suggests, is a program developed by Kaspersky Lab. It has been certified for Windows 7 as well. It is a good anti-virus support program that protects users from malware. There is also a version of running it on Linux for business consumers. It has the ability to do a quick scan on virus and worms embedded in the computer or operating system apart from catching unknown malicious programs.
The features of the Kaspersky Anti-virus support are many. One of its important features is the advanced damage clean-up. This has been moduled to work against Spyware and other malicious programs.
It is also equipped with the ability to check new and changed files. A user will have the option to put either of the two into function accordingly to suit one's purpose.
There is also the provision for a traffic check on programs like Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), and Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) in the Antivirus support provided by Kaspersky. When one detects a user-activity, the ODS Scan suspend technology is deployed in the Anti-Virus to carry out the operations.