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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Online PC Repair Concept

computer support
When your PC behaves strangely like applications taking longer to launch, computer is running very slow etc., it indicates that your PC demands repair. For repairing your computer, you can contact any technical service provider. But it would be beneficial for you, if you contact an online service provider.
Online service providers offer a wide range of services at variant rates. iYogi Technical Services is one of them. iYogi offers round- -the-clock PC support and a variety of services at an affordable price. Some of the services offered through online support for PC repair are enlisted below:
• Installation, un-installation, re-installation of software
• Troubleshooting computer hardware and software errors
• Configuring settings of different applications
• PC Optimization
In addition to all the aforementioned services, many services are also offered through remote support. In online support, you just have to contact any remote service provider and they can reach out to you at the comfort of your home or office. Any tech expert from your service provider will remotely access your PC after taking your permission.
After accessing your system, tech experts will diagnose your system with great care in order to find out the root cause behind the occurrence of these technical issues. After diagnosing your system, the tech expert will carry out the necessary steps in order to repair your PC. In this manner, your PC gets repaired without any pain of transportation.
In case, you take your PC to any service centre, it would take roughly around three to four days to get it repaired and you will have to pay every time you go there. But this is not the case with online support; you just have to pay once and you can access unlimited services for the specified time. If you call any technician at your premises, you have to pay an extra amount for the services. So, it would be better to say that online technical support for PC repair is more beneficial as compared to on-site tech support. Microsoft Support Microsoft Office 2010 Support Microsoft Office 2013 Support

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Trojan Removal

virus removal
Trojan is basically a software program that can perform enviable functions on your computer. In addition to this, it offers the facility to intruders to easily access your system. Trojans can get entry into your system from many methods, such as e-mail attachments, software downloads, etc.
Once any Trojan gets entry into your system, it allows remote access of your system to hacker. After getting access to your system, hacker can perform various tasks like, stealing your confidential information, installation of software, deletion or modification of files, keystroke logging, etc.
You can scan your system with Windows Live OneCare safety scanner in order to get information about malicious programs installed on your system. This scanner consists of various scan types and you can select any scan for your system. Its protection scan will check your system for Trojans viruses and other malicious software.
In addition to this, it will check for the open ports of your computer, which can make your system more vulnerable to online threats. After scanning, it will produce a report, which contains the number of files scanned, the number of infected files found, the type of infection and virus name, the number of common open ports, etc.
Another scan type of Windows Live OneCare safety scanner is clean up scan, which will find out the redundant temporary files of your system. Tune up scan will provide you the information about your hard disk drive. After scanning your system with Windows Live OneCare safety scanner, you can remove Trojans with Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool.
This tool can check the systems running Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 for infections and can also remove these infections. When its detection and removal process gets complete, it will display a report, which will contain information about all the malicious software detected and removed.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Make your Computer Fit and Healthy

PC optimization
At times your computer behaves strangely like, taking much time in launching applications, automatically shutting down, hard disk becomes inaccessible, etc. Under such circumstances, it is required that you should go for proper computer repair services.
In past some days, I was in need of taking technical support from a service provider. Then one of my friends suggested me to subscribe to iYogi’s computer repair services. . After accessing their exceptional tech support services, All I got was a fast performing computer running as fast as the first time I bought it.
You will receive a lot of services while accessing online support for computer repair. Some of them are enlisted as:
• Installation, re-installation, and un-installation of software
• Diagnostic & repair of the hardware issues
• Troubleshooting software errors
• Optimizing your PC’s speed and performance
• Resolving driver conflicts
• Resolving Internet browsing problems
After accessing online support for your computer, it will become fit and healthy once again.
When you will subscribe to remote support for repairing your computer, then you just have to give your permission to access your system to its tech expert. After accessing your system, tech expert will diagnose your technical issues; and will carry out the necessary steps, in order to resolve your technical issues.
If you opt for remote support for computer repair, then you do not have to take pain of transportation. But in on-site support, you either have to carry your system to any service centre or you have to call any technician at your premises.
At last, I suggest you to take remote support from iYogi Technical Services, because it offers unlimited support in a fixed price.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Windows 7 Data Recovery

wind 7 firefox
There may be manual fault or some unavoidable circumstances related with technical issues, when you lost your important home or business files (such as MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, Bkf, Zip), e-mails, photos, music and other rare things.
Although this happens very rarely, but the data once lost can take long time to recover or may be not be recovered at all, so there should be adequate management for data backup to assure that you access important files and folders anytime.
You would be considering me too much obscene, but I have suffered from data lost on my Windows 7 computer recently, that’s why I want to discuss with you about some important data recovery methods for Windows 7 and you must add the data recovery agent.
First I want to tell you about prevention, because it is an old saying that “prevention is better than cure”. As you do Ctrl+S with your word document every time to ensure it is saved regularly, similarly you should make a practice to take data backup of your hard drive memory on an external hard disk or other optical device, which can be used to combat such situations.
Next, when you are trapped under the situation and you don’t left with much of options, then Windows 7 recovery software is a better alternative. Some of the best recovery software available in the market are Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery v4.1, Advance Windows 7 Data Recovery Software and Recover My Files data recovery software.

Windows 7 data recovery software can effectively restore or recover entire data of your hard disk including deleted files emptied from the Windows Recycle Bin, or lost due to the format or corruption of a hard drive, infection with computer viruses, and unexpected system shutdown or software failure. You can also recover your data, which is located in corrupted partition, such asFAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS & NTFS5 of Windows 7 based hard drive. Windows 7 data recovery software are also compatible enough for recovering data from other types of data storage media such as floppy drives, flash drives, USB digital media, pen drive, zip drive, memory stick, multimedia card, secure digital card & many more.
Data recovery is not possible with Windows 7 Recovery tools if it has been physically overwritten by low level disk format. You may face issues while recovering files located on hard disk which is well encrypted.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How to Repair Windows XP Without Losing Data?

Windows XP is an operating system produced by Microsoft for use on personal computers, including home and business desktops, laptops, and media centers. It was released in 2001 and has been the most popular operating system all over the world.
If your computer is not working properly then, you might need to repair or format your computer. Repairing a computer will fix the corrupt operating system, and it will not delete your data. Follow these steps to repair Windows XP computer without any data loss:
Step 1: Firstly, you need to insert the XP CD into CD drive and restart your computer. As computer shuts down, keep pressing DELETE to enter the BIOS setup. In the BIOS setup, set the 'First Boot device' to CD-ROM and exit saving these settings.

Step 2: Now, your Windows XP computer will restart and a message will appear saying 'press any key to boot from CD'. Press space bar or any other key to continue.

Step 3: Next, you have to wait for few minutes as setup will inspect your hardware and Windows on computer. Setup will also load some necessary files to repair the Windows XP computer.

Step 4: Now you have to press F8 to accept the Windows XP license agreement, and then you have to select the drive which you want to repair. There may be more that 1 drives in some cases, then you can select the drive by using UP/DOWN arrow keys to select the drive which you wish to repair.

Step 5: Now, setup will examine the drive which you have selected and will go through 1 to 100% and a new window will appear on screen, hit F3 to continue and setup will reboot the Windows XP computer.

If you follow the above steps, you can repair your computer without any data loss. Microsoft Support Microsoft Office 2010 Support Microsoft Office 2013 Support

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Home Computer Repair with Save Money and Time

Home PC
Nowadays, computer has become mandatory equipment for every home. Therefore, it is important to take care of computer’s health for its prolonged life.
Most of the problems faced by computers are simple and common in nature. There causes too, are more or less similar. Some basic issues are computer freezing, blue-screen error, no sound, auto restart, etc
You can easily resolve the above mentioned issues, if you take some important steps. Microsoft has enriched its operating system with memory management tools like Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter, which can take care of your computer’s memory. These are easy to execute even without much of computer knowledge. These utility organize your important files and remove the temporary and unwanted files, which are created while uninstalling and installing a program. This helps to create more space on your hard disk. These applications provide you a detailed report about your hard disk and help you take the right decision about your hard disk and we offer a computer support service so you can fix PC problems with our advice.
You should also check Windows start up programs, to repair your computer against slow performance. There can be lot of programs, which are not required or are outdated. You should remove those applications from your computer’s hard disk. In addition to that scan your computer with a compatible registry cleaner tool, which can fix Windows registry related issues.
To ensure good speed over Internet, you must delete your browser cookies on regular basis and also modem driver should be updated, if required.
In addition, you should ensure that you have a good antivirus protection, because viruses make your computer vulnerable towards other damages. This can lead to blue screen error, slow performance of computer, and hard disk crash. Above all, you should keep regular data back of your important files, so that you can combat any situation of data loss.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Resolved Windows XP Problems

operating system support
Undoubtedly, Windows XP is a good operating system. But sometimes you may find certain issues with your computer running on Windows XP OS. Some of the randomly discovered issues are slow startup, SVCHOST.EXE error, blue-screen error, slow internet browsing, registry related error, shutdown issues, generic host WIN32 error and upgrade issue.
Most random issues of your Windows XP, like slow boot performance, slow browsing, blue-screen are easy to fix, with some basic tips and tricks. They just need your proper attention. For example, you should be habitual of defragmenting your hard disk on regular basis, scanning your PC with effective virus scanner every month, cleaning your windows registry with registry cleaner tool. Also don’t open any e-mail attachment, which comes from unknown destination, because it might be a source of virus. Keep your anti-virus program updated and to get effective results, contact your tech support provider without any delay.
When you keep working for a long time on your computer, your hard disk get cluttered with innumerous temporary files, Windows registry get flooded with invalid entries as a consequence of which, your system starts freezing or becomes totally unstable. You can fix hard disk related issues of your Windows XP, by using the disk defragmenter tool available in System Tools. You can access it as: Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Disk Defragmenter. You can customize the tool to do partial or complete defragmentation. The process takes some time, so have patience.
To counteract the invalid entries in your XP operating system, you can go for online registry cleaner software, which can automatically fix Windows XP’s registry. You can also perform manual tweaking of corrupted Windows registries, if you are confident with your tech skills. The Windows XP Support platform is a comprehensive and resilient operating system for the Home and Business PC user.
However, if you fail to fix any of the Windows XP issues, you can contact some authentic organization, which is offering support for Windows XP. For regular support you can avail some suitable subscription too. Microsoft Support Microsoft Office 2010 Support Microsoft Office 2013 Support