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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Microsoft Office Apps For Mobile or Smart Phones‎

MS Office is one such software, which has brought the professional world to work in a swift way. No wonder, having a mobile app of MS Office Suite in your smartphone will help you to proceed with your business communication needs from anywhere, right from the word go.
Whether you are driving or on a travel vacation, the MS Office App will assist you to draft your business communication requirement without any type of hassle.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Cannot Save Microsoft Word Docx File Error

Microsoft Word document processing excellent by most computer users is the application used to create documents. Word files are easily accessible to Windows and Mac platforms. But while access document / change try Word, the Word file to block access to withstand many mistakes. A question like "file error when saving a Word document. Any modification of the Word file is trying to save the error is displayed. What is this error and how to fix this in MS Word see in brief about?

Try to save a Word document file error:
You open a Word document, for a long time and began to edit the file when trying to save the changes, saying that you can not save the Word document mentioned above error is. This error message will be popped with documentation

  •     Is password protected
  •     Is present on shared network folder
  •     Is present on Network server and opened on two computers at the same time
  •     Has spaces in the file name
  •     Is affected by antivirus scan
  •     Has ‘Always Create Backup Copy’ option enabled

If the above mentioned conditions trying to save changes to a Word document while the application launches as save fault:
  •     Word did not save the document
  •     File Error has occurred saving word document
  •     Word is unable to save the document in the location you have specified
  •     You need administrator permission to save the document. However you have permissions to replace the file

 When trying to save a Word file to troubleshoot errors?

The above words errors can be solved by following either of these methods:

Method 1: different place with a different name in the encrypted document Save Changes
Method 2: Edit the shared network server on the network in a document, first copy the file to another location on the hard disk and then try publishing
Method 3: Before you open a Word document, make sure the file name does not contain spaces in ensuring
Method 4: Disable file editing and automatic backup option to create a copy of the virus scanning options. After completing the backup operation, turn them

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Install or Download Microsoft Office 365 For Mac Computer

 Office 365 Installation Requirements

To install Office for Mac you will need

  •     Internet connectivity
  •     Your Microsoft Email and password
  •     Mac OS 10.10 or later for Office 2016 (Mac OS 10.8 or later for Office 2011)
  •    Computer administrator access

 1- Open Microsoft website and login it with Microsoft email account. Enter your Microsoft Email and password.

 2- Open new software tab

  • select office from left side on your screen
  • see install office for mac option
  • select language
  • then click install button on the last tab
  • Finally start downloading office 365 for mac

screen shot illustrating above step

3-See Microsoft Office 365 will open as a new tab

  • select settings from menu
  • select office 365 setting as given below image

screen shot illustrating above step

4- click install button and Microsoft office installer will download for mac Pc

Install Microsoft Office For MAC

screen shot illustrating above step 

 Click Installer button and click continue

screen shot illustrating above step

  • On left side menu select review the license
  • Click the Continue button again
screen shot illustrating above step

5- A small box will open on your screen for agree to the terms of the software license agreement

  • select and click the Agree button to continue the process 
screen shot illustrating above step

6-If any other software or application running at the same time then you mast be closed

  • then click the close application and install button
screen shot illustrating above step

7- Before Microsoft office 365 installed, a small screen will open on mac then enter your admin password

  • click install software button 
screen shot illustrating above step

8- The installer will continue process, you mast see it

  •     Preparing Microsoft Office 365 for Mac PC .... will be displayed
screen shot illustrating above step

The Installer will complete
  • You will receive a message indicating that the installation was successful
  • Click the Close button
screen shot illustrating above step

 Start using your Microsoft office 365

screen shot illustrating above step

At the end

screen shot illustrating above step