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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Microsoft Word 2016 Keeps Crashing

Once users upgrade to Microsoft Word 2016, they usually get an enormous shock once all of a fulminant MS Word crashes. We’ve got found some workarounds that have done the trick for several folks. Read on…

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Fix the Excel File Slow to Open Bug in Windows 10

This is one in every of the problems that has infested Maine since upgrading my systems to Windows ten, however owing to a busy travel schedule and alternative miscellaneous work things, I simply delayed excavation in to work out an answer. Last night I had had enough and spent an honest hour developing an answer.

The solution could be a straight forward one, however makes fully no sense. I chalk it up to AN errant bug Microsoft lost.

Main Problem

Running either Office 2013 or the most recent Microsoft Office 2016, once gap a Excel file from the filing system, it takes near twenty seconds for the file to open fully. It doesn’t matter if the file is sitting within the Cloud, on a network share, or maybe regionally – it simply takes forever to load, although the file contains no knowledge. To form matters additional confusing, if you open Excel initial (which opens quickly on its own) so open the file, the file opens blazingly quick. So, it'd appear that it’s AN Excel issue, right?

To more confound the wise, the problem doesn’t exist for everybody. And, that appears to eliminate AN Excel issue and place the blame squarely on Windows ten, or a minimum of a element of Windows ten. Why would the expertise dissent between Windows ten users?

I finally puzzled out why…

The Reason

I’ve nevertheless to work out why this can be, however if you switch on the “Hey, Cortana” voice command feature when putting in or upgrading to Windows ten, it bogs down Excel file execution. This issue solely exists for Excel and none of the opposite Office applications. Word, PowerPoint, etc., work simply fine.

Those that ne'er turned on “Hey, Cortana” (which is AN impressive feature, btw) haven't old this downside, thence why the problem exists for a few and not others.

The Fix

To fix the problem and speed up the gap of Excel files, you've got to show off the “Hey, Cortana” feature.
To do this:
1. Open Cortana and head to Settings.

Microsoft Excel 2016 Problem,MS Excel 2016 Problem,Excel 2016 Problem

2- find the Hey Cortana setting and switch it OFF.

Microsoft Excel 2016 Problem,MS Excel 2016 Problem,Excel 2016 Problem

3.Reboot the PC.

I’m positive Microsoft can fix this bug eventually; however a minimum of there’s a remedy – although you've got to show off a valuable and extremely touted feature of Windows ten.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Insert & Edit Shapes in Microsoft Word 2016

Shapes are ready-made diagrams wont to illustrate on a given topic. Differing kinds of shapes like circles, triangles, arrows etc. are utilized in totally different Offices suites like Word documents, PowerPoint templates & Excel Spreadsheets.

In this Microsoft Office 2016 article, we’ll follow bound steps to understand the way to insert and edit Shapes in Microsoft Word 2016:

Step 1:
Type “word 2016” within the Windows Search Bar situated next to the beginning icon. Click on the primary possibility provided.
How to insert & edit Shapes in Microsoft Word 2016

Step 2:
Click on “Insert” tab situated at the highest left corner of the “Word” window. once clicking, a ribbon toolbar can seem providing varied choices like paging choices, tables, illustrations, symbols etc.
In the “illustrations” section, click on “Shapes”.

How to insert & edit Shapes in Microsoft Word 2016

Step 3:
Click to pick out any of your required form from the various classes of shapes like Lines, Rectangles, Basic Shapes etc.
How to insert & edit Shapes in Microsoft Word 2016

For instance, we’ve chosen a “triangle” in Shapes.

Now, we’ll click anyplace on the screen & drag the indicator on the word page to form a triangle.

How to insert & edit Shapes in Microsoft Word 2016

Step 4:
If you would like to vary the scale of Triangulum, click & drag on the “circle” icon provided at sides and corners of Triangulum. Dragging the icon towards Triangulum can build it little and dragging away can build it seem larger.

How to insert & edit Shapes in Microsoft Word 2016

You can conjointly rotate Triangulum 360° by exploitation the “rotate” icon situated at the highest of Triangulum. Click on the icon & drag the indicator in your required direction to rotate Triangulum.

How to insert & edit Shapes in Microsoft Word 2016

Step 5:
If you would like to possess some a lot of shapes, repeat “Step 3”.

For instance, we’ve chosen a “Flowchart: Process” form.

Now, we’ll click anyplace on the screen & drag the indicator on the word page to form a method flow sheet.

Step 6:

If you would like totally different positioning of text and pictures, you'll undertake the “Layout options”. Layout choices consists of options like positioning, text wrapping and size of shapes.
To use this selection, click on {the form|the form} & then click on the “arc” icon situated at the proper aspect of the given shape.

How to insert & edit Shapes in Microsoft Word 2016

Note: you'll opt for varied layout choices from the icons. If you would like to possess a unique layout instead of the pre-defined layouts, click on the “See more” button.

Step 7:
The “see more” button opens the layout properties window. you'll produce a custom layout having totally different horizontal and vertical alignments.

How to insert & edit Shapes in Microsoft Word 2016

After shaping all the alignments and different choices, click on “OK” to finish the method.

Step 8:
If you would like to possess a unique color for a selected form, click on the form & then click on “Shape fill” positioned at the ribbon toolbar. Click on your required color and also the same can replicate on your chosen form.

How to insert & edit Shapes in Microsoft Word 2016

Step 9:

If you would like to possess a unique define for a selected form, click on the form & then click on “Shape outline” positioned at the ribbon toolbar. Click on any of the colours and also the same can replicate on your chosen form. you'll conjointly modification thickness of the define from the load section.

How to insert & edit Shapes in Microsoft Word 2016

For instance, we’ve chosen a black color define with a weight of 4½ platinum.

Step 10:
If you would like to vary some effects on a selected form, click on the form & then click on “Shape Effects” positioned at the ribbon toolbar. Effects like 3D, Shadow, Reflection etc. are accessible to be used.

How to insert & edit Shapes in Microsoft Word 2016

For instance, we’ve chosen a “reflection variation” as a virtual impact on the form.

Step 11:
If you are doing not want to stay the present form then during this case, click on the form & then click on “Edit Shape” situated at the ribbon toolbar.

How to insert & edit Shapes in Microsoft Word 2016

In this section, click on “Change Shape” & click on any of your required form. As an example, we’ve chosen a “7-Point Star” form in situ of the present “Process: Flowchart” form.

How to insert & edit Shapes in Microsoft Word 2016

Now, the prevailing forms are going to be fashioned into a brand new form as given within the screenshot:

Monday, June 5, 2017

Ribbon Toolbar Settings in MS Office 2016

Ribbon may be a feature in Microsoft Office that permits the interface buttons to exhibit varied task connected functions. within the year 2007, Ribbon toolbar replaced the normal toolbar that was employed in the previous versions of Microsoft Office.

Ribbon toolbar may be a cluster of toolbar's that area unit used for writing, designing, info and reviewing completely different designs, variations, add-ins, themes etc. during a Word Document. These toolbars area unit accustomed perform specific functions. Each tab in prime of a given word file window displays the Ribbon toolbar. Below given all ribbon detail of MS Office 2016.

The sample read of the Ribbon toolbar is displayed within the Screenshot given below:

How to Show / Hide Ribbon toolbar in MS Office 2016

In this article, we’ll follow bound steps on the way to activate & off Ribbon toolbar in Windows 10:

Hide Ribbon Toolbar :
Double click on any Word Document file. As before long because the word file opens, click on any of the given tabs like “Home”, “Insert”, “Design”, “Layout” etc. that area unit set at the highest of the word file window.

Click on the higher arrow (^) positioned at the correct corner of the Ribbon toolbar. This may shut down or undo the Ribbon toolbar.

How to Show / Hide Ribbon toolbar in MS Office 2016

Note: as an alternative, you'll be able to conjointly press “Ctrl + F1” keys along to show off the Ribbon toolbar.

You’ll observe the folded toolbar within the Screenshot given below:
How to Show / Hide Ribbon toolbar in MS Office 2016

Pin / Show the Ribbon Toolbar:
In order to show on the ribbon toolbar, click on any of the given tabs i.e. “Home”, “Design”, “Layout” etc. that area unit set on the highest of the word file window. It’ll open the Ribbon toolbar.
Click on the “Pin” image positioned at the correct of the Ribbon toolbar. this may activate or Pin the Ribbon toolbar.

How to Show / Hide Ribbon toolbar in MS Office 2016

Note: as an alternative, you'll be able to conjointly press “Ctrl + F1” keys along to connect the Ribbon toolbar.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

installation Error in Office 2016 Professional

Searched the forums however didn't return up with this downside being announce here however. Thus apologies if I uncomprehensible it am continuation this.

I have a Windows ten on my PC and recently non heritable a replica of Office 2016 skilled through Hubby's work for a reduction. But we've got been attempting for three days currently to put in it and it'll not complete the installation. The foremost common downside being that it hangs at ninetieth and simply sits there and will not progress any longer even once being left over night.

I have tried posting this downside on the Microsoft Community boards however they need been but useful to find an answer. Of the items they need prompt, i attempted all of them however to no avail. The suggestions they gave that I have tried are as follows:

"Follow these steps and download Office 2016 again:

1. First, check the type of internet connection you are using (Wired or Wireless)?
2. If you are using a wireless connection then you may try to hard wire the connection.

Try downloading Office 2016 now and check if you are able to install Office 2016 normally.
In case the above step still does not work then follow these steps.

1. Stop the Print Spooler service from Services.msc.
2. Disable the Anti-Virus/Security Software for a while, until you complete installing Office 2016.

Check if you are able to install Office 2016 now."

Nope didn't work, and my computer ishardwired. Next advice they gave was as follows and also didn't work:

"In Task Manager make sure there are no Office 2016 or Office tasks running. Then restart the computer and try installing Office 2016 again, making sure that there are no Office tasks are running in Task Manager prior to running the Office 2016 installation.

Check the above and let us know if it helps."

Nope, still notta.

While it is hanging at 90% I have checked my task manager and all the columns (CPU, Memory, Disk, Network) were all sitting at 0.

Funny thing is Hubby was able to acquire a second copy via coworker and it installed completely fine without issue on our windows 7 laptop.

We do not have any other copies of Office or any office related program on this computer, nor has there ever been. We have uninstalled, rebooted and tried reinstalling several times all with the same result of getting stuck at 90% then going nowhere. We even tried the 32 bit version in hope that it would work because the 64 bit version wouldn't install, but 32 or 64, it's the same problem.

There was ONE time, and one time only, though, I couldn't tell you what, if anything, we did differently, that it got past 90% and came up with an error message saying some items couldn't be installed because of some reason (I failed to take note of it at the time and it hasn't recurred since) and gave me the option to retry installing those items (it didn't list what they were) or ignore. So I clicked retry, and after a several minutes of it trying again the same message popped up. I believe I tried retry three more times before finally clicking ignore and being told that if I ignored it that I may have to go into program and setting later to repair office because some feature may not work right.

At that point Office SEEMED to work...until I rebooted the computer. At that point I got a pop-up message (which I again failed to take note of) with an error saying I need to run the installer again because it didn't install or finish installing or something of that nature. So I ran the installer again. this time it hung at 1% and didn't move even after hours of letting it run.

So again I uninstalled everything rebooted and started fresh and am now back at the hanging at 90% thing. It's very frustrating. A brand new expensive product that is meant for windows 10 but can't be installed on it? I'm very perplexed.

Any thoughts on this or what I will strive or do?

Ended up line Microsoft and that they remoted into my pc. She ran a utility to fully uninstall all Office 2016 files simply just in case any remained once the uninstall I did myself as if there have been any corrupted files left it may have an effect on the install. Here is that the link she used for that free utility:

Uninstall Office 2013, Office 2016, or Office 365 from a Windows PC- Microsoft Office

After that she tried putting in once more. Still had the difficulty of hanging at ninetieth. She ran the utility yet again and rebooted my laptop. She had Pine Tree State flip of my antivirus and so turned off windows firewall entirely.Then she used associate degree htp link (which i assume was an interior link as a result of i could not retain it) to transfer the installer and run it. once running this it finally completed the install. She turned windows firewall back on once doing this. She same they need been having some problems with their servers recently which it'll not install if you're not connected to the net as a result of it accesses their servers to put in unless you bought a tough copy of the program. She same the servers ought to be operating once more currently tho'. thus if you're still having bother strive the utility link higher than, revive and take a look at putting in once more. If you're still stuck I counsel line Microsoft and allow them to remote in. certify you are doing not decision employing a Voip program on the pc you're having problems with though' because it may have to be rebooted many times throughout the method and you do not need your decision to induce disconnected.

Hope this helps a number of you continue to curst this!.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Install Microsoft Office 2016 In Mac OS

You’re correct that Microsoft has simply discharged a very new, fully redesigned version of its flagship product, Microsoft office, for macintosh systems. In fact, it’s a cross-platform unleash and is new for Windows systems too, at the side of iPad, robot and Windows pill support and a very totally different method of operating with OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage system (that competes with iCloud, Apple’s cloud storage system).

The entire Microsoft office 2016 suite for macintosh includes Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Word and Outlook, although it seems like you would possibly solely be searching for the word processing system piece of that (Microsoft Word). not like previous years once it had been priced at virtually $500 for the complete suite of programs, Microsoft’s apparently rethought its rating strategy too and you'll be able to get everything for $150 within the Home & Student transfer edition through, as an example,

To get started with the transfer, you'll be able to log in to the office 365 website once you’ve received your license key (either from Amazon,, or from purchasing a license at the local retail store). It’ll look like this:

If you look closely, you’ll see that mine shows “PC/Mac Installs Used: 0”. This is a big deal, actually, because for the first time I can remember, Microsoft is using the same license for either platform. With this license, I get five installs, whether I want to use them on Macs, Windows systems, iPads, or my Windows Phone is up to me. Very nice improvement over the Mac license as completely separate from a Windows license.
To proceed, I’ll click “Install >”.

Look at that list of “Other Devices”. So impressive!
But let’s stay focused on the Mac side. You can see that since I am already on a MacBook Pro, it’s default selected “Office 2016 for Mac” as the version to install.
Sounds good! A click on “Install” and it’ll download the Office Installer:

I found this download to move pretty quickly, but depending on connectivity, it might take you a few minutes to get the entire package.
Once downloaded, the installer ought to pop right up and start:

If you’ve used the macintosh for any length of your time, you’re already conversant in this method.
Let’s explore one issue, however: space needed. That’s shown on a ensuant screen:

It’s slightly unsatisfactory that there’s no thanks to decide and opt for that of the Microsoft office 2016 tools you wish to put in — in your case, maybe simply Word, in our case, everything however Outlook — however that’s one thing that may hopefully be tweaked once installation. Meanwhile, simply notice the install takes up six.78GB of house on your pc.
Before you begin the install, then, check that you have got that a lot of disk space!
A click on “Install”, a number of further clicks to simply accept a user license that you’re not aiming to scan (we don’t!) and…

Hurray! We’re done.
Well, almost.
Click “Close” and you’ll have Word 2016 launch, however with a number of informational windows on the method, beginning with this highlight of updated options and capabilities:

Okay, sounds good!
Click on “Get started >” to proceed and office really starts up:

It very is wise to use this account as a result of it makes it fully a no brainier to possess cloud-based backups of your documents, spreadsheets, displays and connected.
Once you’re signed in, there’s an additional step:

I picked colourful – it’s terribly nice! – and, finally, a click on “Continue >” and Microsoft Word 2016 finally launches.
Office 2016 put in. Mission accomplished.
And boy is that the interface a way owed face lift and improvement, as you'll be able to see during this peek at a column I’m writing for the native newspaper in Microsoft Word 2016:

Huge props to Microsoft for a really, okay done upgrade. Microsoft office 2016 looks like a very new and really Mac-friendly application suite that may simply replace Pages, Numbers, Keynote and also the remainder of the Apple office suite on our macintosh systems here within the office. To not mention on our Windows systems!